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Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium comprising the Government of Catalonia, the Government of the Balearic Islands, and the Barcelona City Council. Its mission is the support and promotion of Catalan language and culture abroad, in all its forms and means of expression.

Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin host a Catalan film series

Language.  BERLIN, 28/01/2021

Humboldt University and the Free University of Berlin host a Catalan film series during February. Two Catalan productions will be played: “Deconstrucció creativa d’una ciutat” (Creative deconstruction of a city) and “La plaga” (The plague). Once they have watched the movies, students will assist a debate with directors of the films Carles Bover and Neus Ballús in two different sessions.


“Deconstrucció creativa d’una ciutat” by Carles Bover

Carles Bover’s documentary provides a portrait of Palma de Mallorca city and depicts the life of four women belonging to different worlds. How do these women experience the city? What’s the connection between feminism, class struggle and the right to the city? What forms of resistance confront a urban model that gives more importance to mass tourism than to the lives of its inhabitants? “Deconstrucció creativa d’una ciutat” aims to provide answers to these and other questions. The documentary revolves around the consequences of cities’ gentrification and its connection to mass tourism.


“La plaga” by Neus Ballús

Raül, a farmer who seeks to grow organic food hires Lurie, a Moldavian wrestling fighter. Their stories are gradually intertwined with those of three lonely women: Maria, who is forced to leave her country house and move to a nursing home; Rose, a newcomer nurse from the Philippines; and Maribel, a prostitute with few clients. “La plaga” shows a moving portrait of life in the outskirts of Barcelona. The main characters –played by non-professional actors performing their real life stories– worked with the director Neus Ballús for four years.



04.02.21, 6.30pm - Talk with Carles Bover

11.02.21, 6.30pm – Talk with Neus Ballús

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