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Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium comprising the Government of Catalonia, the Government of the Balearic Islands, and the Barcelona City Council. Its mission is the support and promotion of Catalan language and culture abroad, in all its forms and means of expression.
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200 Years of Freischütz

Exactly 200 years after the celebrated premiere of Carl Maria von Webers "Freischütz" at Gendarmenmarkt, the Catalan theatre company La Fura dels Baus, celebrated worldwide for its avant-garde opera productions, will venture deep into the German forest in the Great Hall to deliver an exciting new interpretation of the romantic opera.
 /  Faber, Olot 
09/06/2021 Knowledge

Residency Faberllull is launching a new call for applications for professionals

Faberllull is a network of residences of arts, sciences and humanities located in the cites of Olot (Catalonia) and La Massana (Andorra) managed by the Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with Olot's town council and the Governement of Andorra. It is a place for professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities fields (writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists and so on) come to work on their personal projects for a time.
 /  OLOT 
09/06/2021 paperllull

Scriptwriting: Two weeks of working, living and collaborating together at Faberllull

With the aim of kickstarting cinema production – a sector which has been heavily affected throughout this last year – the Institut Ramon Llull ran a feature-film scriptwriting residency. The initiative, which took place from 17 until 31 May at Faberllull Olot, was supported by the Academy of Catalan Cinema and the Associated Scriptwriters of Catalonia (GAC). Esteve Plantada had the chance to talk to those heading up five of the nine projects
08/06/2021 Arts

First edition of Lens Dans videodance fest

Lens Dans Fest aims for is to acknowledge and consolidate videodance as a discipline, and to create a space of exchange and collaboration between artists. We want to generate a space where artists are able to showcase their projects and receive direct feedback by a live audience, creating a direct relationship between them that transcends social media.
 /  New York 
08/06/2021 Arts

Playing Together: Catalonia at HB Studio continues with Mivion (Radio Sarajevo) by La Conquesta del Pol Sud

HB Studio is pleased to partner with Institut Ramon Llull to present Playing Together: Catalonia at HB Studio, a special showcase of select Catalan plays, with English subtitles, followed by in-depth discussions with the artists about their work and creative process. The program, hosted by HB Studio, kicked off in May with an HB public conversation on A.K.A. (ALSO KNOWN AS) by playwright Daniel J. Meyer. The series now features MIVION (RADIO SARAJEVO), a piece of documentary theatre written ...
26/05/2021 Performing

Catalan Focus at the Festival des 7 Collines in the French city of Saint-Étienne

The Festival des 7 Collines, an annual circus and dance event in the city of Saint-Étienne and its surroundings, will include a focus centred on Catalan creative output in this 27th edition, comprised of three shows which reflect the scene’s current freshness in Catalonia. The focus will include the participation of the circus companies EIA and Random, and of the dancer and choreographer Núria Guiu. From the 24th June until 7th July, in an in-person format in Saint-Étienne ...
25/05/2021 Arts

New publication: Essays on Transculturation and Catalan-Cuban Intellectual History

This book examines the cultural production of Catalan intellectuals in Cuba through a reading of texts and journeys that show the contrapuntal relationship between transcultural identities and narratives of nationhood
25/05/2021 Performing

Núria Guiu, Marcos Morau and the companies Maduixa and Moveo at the 19th Dance Biennale Lyon

The 2021 edition of Dance Biennale Lyon, a fundamental appointment for the choreographic scene in France coming after an exceptional year, is putting together the French and European contemporary creation. This year’s edition will also host African artists as special guests.
 /  Girona 
19/05/2021 Arts

IETM Satellite Girona - Tomorrow Is Here

Satellite Meeting of IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts will be held in Girona and online between November 25 and 27
19/05/2021 Arts

Production-research grants from Llull, NewArtFoundation, UOC, La Caldera and Hangar

The Institut Ramon Llull, New Art Foundation, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), La Caldera and Hangar open a call for five grants for the production-research of artistic pieces in the field of the confluence between art, science and technology.
17/05/2021 Arts

Catalonia in Venice. AirAriaAire

The Institut Ramon Llull presents Catalonia in Venice - air/aria/aire, a Collateral Event of the Biennale Architettura 2021 and an exhibition curated by architect Olga Subirós. The project reflects upon the central theme of the Biennale, ‘How will we live together?’, with an investigation into air as a common asset uponwhich our survival depends. Under the name Aire, the exhibition highlights the role of architecture and urbanism within the context of two interconnected global ...
17/05/2021 Arts

MELTING SPACES: When restrictions become options

One year after a global sanitary emergency artists, curators, researchers and cultural institutions more than ever are dissolving boundaries in between the digital, the public space and the traditional ways of coming together sharing a cultural experience.Since March 2020 they all had been forced to find alternative ways for the on-site community encounter. This talk series proposes a reflection about how cultural practices changed and which options evolve. It will be an opening space to discuss ...
 /  OLOT 
10/05/2021 Arts

9 projects will take part in the first Faberllull scriptwriting residency

The projects that have been selected for this first residency, organised by the Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with Associated Scriptwriters of Catalonia (GAC) and Academy of Catalan Cinema, are: Festina Lente, by Núria Dunjo and Carlos Villafaina; Nena, by Gabriel Ochoa Peris; La Belleza, by Irene Moray, Irene Solà and Jan Matheu; Els homes i els dies, by Arnau Vilaró; Criatures, by Víctor Sala; Mala gent, by Sara Gutiérrez Galve and Núria Roura; ...
06/05/2021 Literature
04/05/2021 Literature

Thiele Verlag publishes the German edition of Nosaltres dos, by Xavier Bosch

Thiele Verlag recently published the German edition of the novel by Xavier Bosch “Nosaltres dos”. Petra Zickmann translated the novel to German and it is published with the title “Der Mann meines Lebens”.
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